Enjoyed my chat on The Investor Lab podcast recently about why you need to look past the mainstream news headlines.

Episode Highlights:
-News headlines are misleading and at times, dishonest [05:48] -Fact-based journalism replaced by clickbait, sensational negativity [08:42]
-Real estate is resilient despite what media says [11:38] -Mortgage freezes are not as prevalent [14:57] -The simple formula for deciding where to buy properties [20:08] -The strong elements of finding a property hotspot [24:47] -Looking at regional areas vs. capital areas [27:08] -Infrastructure spending is the clue to finding future hotspots [34:07] -A-grade doesn’t mean expensive: Blue chip or blue collar? [38:27] -How Adelaide became the new ‘Silicon Valley of Australia’ [41:44] -Will a decentralized workforce drive the decentralized growth of cities? [44:41] -Cash flow vs. capital growth in building a property portfolio [47:49] -The herd mentality is bad for property investment [51:00] -You have to spend money to make money [52:29] -Fundamentals of Real Estate don’t change regardless of election outcome [57:54]