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Big Profits With New Builds In Great Locations

Case studies Of Investors Thriving From Investment In New Homes

A key decision for investors is the New v Old dilemma.
Is it best to buy an established property or to create a new one?

The answer depends on the individual. For many, investing in new real estate makes a lot of sense and an opportunity to generate lucrative gains.

But, like anything in real estate, the process needs to be well-planned and expertly managed.
In this free webinar, Danny Buxton of Triple Zero Property joined Hotspotting founder Terry Ryder to discuss the right way to invest in newly-built homes.

Danny …
• explained the benefits of investing in new homes
• emphasised the importance of choosing the right locations
• presented a series of current case studies of successful investment
• outlined the pitfalls for investors who don’t access good advice
• detailed the right process for investors to follow to achieve success.

The webinar showed how ordinary investors have created extraordinary profits from a well-managed process of building new houses and duplexes.


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