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Corona Virus – Threat or Opportunity for Housing Market?

The corona virus is having worldwide impacts and slowing trade and commerce across much of the globe that may tip some economies into temporary recession. Shakespeare’s famous line in Romeo and Juliet “A plague on both your houses!” seems very apt at this time, however this is not a time to panic or worry that the sky is falling.
In this webinar Terry Ryder was joined by Rich Harvey of Propertybuyer to discuss how to navigate this challenging time. Terry and Rich have observed and lived through many property cycles and understand the changing market signals.
In this webinar they examined the impact of the corona virus on the property market and looked at:
* What should you do in this situation?
* What effect does a tanking share market have on the property market?
* Will the Governments proposed stimulus package be enough? How does it compare to GFC times?
* The Aussie dollar is dropping – how is this an opportunity?
* Interest rates at record lows – but for how long and what does this mean for the market?
* Are there hidden opportunities to buy in this market?
These are just a sample of the questions discussed in the webinar.


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