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DEPRECIATION – Why It Matters More Than Ever

With the Federal Election due sometime in the next few months, changes are definitely looming. If you are a property investor, these changes will potentially impact you. 
If, as the polls suggest, we end up with a Labor government, their taxation policy – to allow negative gearing only on purchases of new properties – is likely to push investors towards new rather than existing property.
This will likely lead to one of two possible scenarios
– If you invest in a new property, you will be able to negative gear – and new properties have the most potential for claiming deprecation.
– If you invest in an existing property, negative gearing won’t be available and maximising your depreciation claims will become even more important.
Few investors know how to maximise their depreciation claims. Ensure you are informed and avoid paying too much tax.
In this free and informative webinar, Terry Ryder spoke with Tyron Hyde, CEO of Washington Brown and author of bestseller CLAIM IT! about the importance of Property Depreciation and how claiming depreciation affects an investors’ cashflow and taxable income.
The webinar covered the basics of Property Depreciation, the latest depreciation laws, strategies to crack these (newish) laws and will explain why there has never been a more important time to claim depreciation.


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