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Rent Freeze Not The Answer

Rent Freeze Not The Answer Rent FreezeAustralia’s 2.2 million real estate investors have been under fire lately, but those who liken all landlords to the devil should be careful what they wish for.

Lumping landlords altogether is just like saying every renter is a tenant from hell who smashes walls and soils bedrooms.

Australia is experiencing a housing crisis and a blanket rent freeze isn’t the answer.

The majority of landlords are trying to do the right thing; covering the rising costs of servicing their loans and fostering long-term tenancy agreements. Some have even reduced rent or gone beyond to support tenants during the pandemic.

The Greens’ have recently called for “a two-year emergency rent freeze”. The Greens’ proposal could be disastrous for investors if they can’t keep up with their large mortgages, leading to fewer properties available for rent.

Good landlords with a heart should be praised over those trying to get rich quickly.


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