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Editorial – For Many, It’s Already Too Late

Terry RyderMedia is usually half a year late in identifying big trends. If the headlines start shouting about a boom, it means the best time to buy has passed, because the boom has been under way for 6-9 months already.

Investors often fail to get the results they crave because they’re herd animals. They follow trends rather than lead them – and they pile into markets when they’re hugely competitive.

Media is now highlighting the Exodus to Affordable Lifestyle. It’s been gathering pace for years and now the evidence in the population data is being headlined.

Media recently reported that capital cities have witnessed the biggest loss of people into the regions on record. “It’s now official, even economists are calling the escape to the regions a stampede,” one media outlet reported. That outlet mistakenly referred to this as a “pandemic-inspired trend” but it’s been under way for years.

And it’s not simply about people moving to regional centres. People are moving to the fringes of the big cities and they’re relocating also to the smaller capital cities. It’s helping to create frenzy in property markets.

Terry Ryder – March 2021


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