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Editorial – Olympics Benefits Start Now For SEQ

Terry RyderThe 2032 Olympics may be a decade away, but the impacts will be immediate. The IOC decision has placed a global media spotlight on Brisbane and South-East Queensland and planning is already under way to create the infrastructure needed to host events and deal with an influx of athletes, officials and tourists.

The property industry often spruiks a property boom after a major international event like the Olympics, but experience shows that the boom happens in the years leading up to it. The investment in infrastructure and in improved accommodation and hospitality facilities creates enormous economic activity, construction and jobs.

It’s important to note it’s not just Brisbane hosting the 2032 Olympics – it’s all of Queensland, particularly SEQ. The Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast will provide important venues for the Games.

The investment activity and media focus will create national and international interest in the affordable lifestyle offered by the Gold Coast, Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and all of Queensland.

The next 10 years will be a great time to own Queensland real estate.


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