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Exodus Continues to Drive Boom

There are many different forces feeding the nationwide property boom that’s currently sweeping across Australia.

I have a list of 15 different key factors that are helping to drive the boom.

But I have no doubt that the biggest of them is the one I call The Exodus to Affordable Lifestyle.

I believe this is the most powerful influence on residential property markets in the 21st Century so far.

This trend has been under way for several years, driven by advanced technology, giving more and more people the ability to work remotely, and by the desire by more and more people to access a better lifestyle at an affordable price.

This trend has been turbo-charged by the pandemic and the enforced lockdowns and work-from-home periods that have resulted from it.

Now, more and more Australians are seeking to leave the big cities and move to smaller cities or to attractive regional areas, including Hill Change towns and Sea Change enclaves.

Exodus to Affordable lifestyleAt a result of this strong trend, last year I wrote a new report, the Exodus to Affordable Lifestyle National Top 10.

And now I have published our latest edition of this report, injecting new locations which offer possibilities for the many Australians seeking to benefit from this compelling trend.

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