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Finding Profitable Deals In A Patchy Market

Opportunities Rise When Markets Aren’t Booming

Most wannabe investors are herd animals, who dive into markets when they hear there’s a boom happening.

But successful investors seek opportunities when markets are off the boil.

They get busy when the markets aren’t moving, interest rates are rising, media is negative and most punters are sitting on the sidelines.

That’s when there’s less competition in the market and skilled investors can find the best opportunities for value-adding investments.

Those investors know how to make money irrespective of what the market is doing.

On Wednesday 10 May, Hotspotting founder Terry Ryder was joined by  Brad Cassidy of The Kaizen Way, who specialises in helping people find profitable property deals regardless of the economic climate or the real estate cycle.

Cassidy says educated investors know how to find properties that allow them to accelerate growth and create wealth through adding value.

On 10 May he will share his business models for finding the best property deals with opportunities to create your own growth, without relying on the market to do it.

Cassidy says: “We love it when the media is negative about property and most people are sitting on the sidelines. That’s the best time to use our strategies.”


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