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Follow The Infrastructure Trail For Property Success

If you want a simple philosophy to guide your investing decisions – one that has been shown to work for investors over time – buy property that lies in the path of progress.

Another way of putting it is: follow the infrastructure trail.

Infrastructure spending is a very powerful factor when it comes to investing in residential property.

It’s one of the key elements we look for in areas we’re comfortable to recommend to our investor clients.

Infrastructure spending is highly influential in a number of different ways.

  • During construction, it generates a lot of local economic activity and creates jobs – and from that comes demand for real estate.
  • Once complete that new infrastructure adds to the appeal and amenity of a location, whether it’s new highways, rail links, hospitals, universities or schools.
  • Many of those types of infrastructure create ongoing employment and economic activity, particularly hospitals and universities. And new transport links can attract businesses to set up operations in an area which has become more accessible.
  • And all of that leads to property price growth.

This factor is particularly relative in the current economic climate impacted by Covid.

It is clear to me that State and Federal Governments intend to generate an infrastructure-led economic recovery and are pouring big money into infrastructure projects as a way to generate economic growth.

Infrastructure Top 10We have created a national report to highlight the locations best situated to receive real estate growth from this compelling national trend.

The Infrastructure Led Economic Recovery National Top Ten report identifies the areas where big infrastructure projects are under construction or in planning – which allows investors to get in front of the trend.

It identifies the top ten locations which investors can profitably target to buy to benefit from one of the greatest all of all generators of real estate growth.


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