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Future Tradies Funded

Future Tradies Funded

The Federal Government has committed $91 million to boost the number of skilled construction workers in an effort to help speed up construction.

The plan will add almost 22,000 new workers to the sector.

Master Builders Australia, Denita Wawn says only about half of those who leave the industry every year are being replaced.

The upcoming budget will commit $62.4 million to create 15,000 fee-free training places in TAFE and VET vocational colleges; $26.4 million to create 5000 pre-apprenticeship programs; and $1.8 million to speed up the skills assessment of 1900 potential migrants.

Wawn says making it easier for skilled migrants to have their qualifications recognised is crucial for the industry.

She says a review found skills assessments or qualification recognition can take up to 18 months and cost nearly $10,000 which is time and money people simply don’t have.

Housing Industry Association managing director Jocelyn Martin says the Government also needs to continue subsidising companies who take on apprentices.


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