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Granny Flats The Solution

Granny Flats The Solution

A report from CoreLogic and Archistar Blackfort says if property owners are offered incentives, and the approvals process is sped up, more than 655,000 granny flats could be built throughout Australia.

CoreLogic research director, Tim Lawless, says granny flats could be a cheaper way to deliver housing.

“Granny flat developments leverage existing lot areas and require no changes to town planning regulation, so they offer a level of immediacy to address housing shortages and affordability pressures,” he says.

“This style of accommodation can be prefabricated and put on site quickly, so it doesn’t have to go through the same timeline as a typical building project.”

The report identifies 242,000 properties suitable for granny flats in Sydney, 230,000 in Melbourne and 185,000 in Brisbane.

Benjamin Coorey of Archistar says in Canada, homeowners are offered a $40,000 loan that would be forgiven after five years if they build a “secondary suite”.


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