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Home Financing Hotspots

Home Financing Hotspots

Queensland is in top spot for the value of home loans buyers taking out, with more owner occupier loans than any other state in the past quarter.

The latest State of the States economic analysis by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia shows the value of home loans in in Queensland was the strongest as of February 2024.

The value of home loans in Queensland is up by 21.1% on the long-term average.

It was above decade average in most states and territories (excluding the Northern Territory).

Western Australia home loan values are up by 17.5% on the decade average, followed by South Australia (14.2%) and the ACT (12%).

Victoria is up 8.9%, NSW, 8.3% and Tasmania, 0.7%, while the Northern Territory is down 15% on the decade average.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics the value of new loan commitments for total housing increased by 1.5% to $26.4 billion in February.

At the same time the value of investor lending rose 1.2% to $9.5 billion.


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