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Homes Turning Green

Homes Turning Green

Forget installing media rooms, building a swimming pool or a deck, the latest renovation must have for Australian homeowners are green upgrades.

New research from CommBank shows one in four homeowners have been spurred on by their concerns about climate change to renovate their homes and install sustainable features.

The research found seven out of 10 homeowners believe that installing solar and energy efficient features will also increase the value of their property.

Of those who are planning to install green upgrades the majority (80%) will do so within the next 12 months.

CommBank executive general manager home buying Michael Baumann says the only thing deterring some is the upfront cost.

“Now more than ever, homeowners are faced with affordability challenges and the research identified cost as a barrier to making energy efficient upgrades,” he says.

“Energy efficient features are moving from a nice-to-have to an essential for many Australians.”

Baumann says owners need to think of installing green upgrades as making an investment and adding value to their home.

The survey found the most popular features homeowners wanted to install were solar panels, electrical heating, battery packs and double-glazed windows, which would not only be good for the environment but also reduce running costs.


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