Finding tomorrow’s hot property, TODAY

How does housing finance work in a world gone viral?

In this free webinar Terry Ryder of Hotpotting was joined by Alex Dutt of Adviseable, Danny Buxton of Triple Zero Property, Chris Christofi of Reventon and Louise Lucas of The Property Education Company to answer your questions about home loans amid the pandemic.

Sorting through the maze of home loan options is a nightmare at the best of times.
Right now, we are a long way from the best of times.
Australian real estate consumers have more questions about mortgages, interest rates and related issues than ever before. And they have more questions about finance than any other housing market problem.
The virus crisis has introduced a range of new issues, including how to buy property and how to finance a property purchase in a radically changed environment.
In this special free webinar event, our panel of experts discussed the many issues occupying the minds of Australian consumers, including these:-

• Has the processing of buying property changed amid the virus crisis?
• Has it become easier or harder to get a property loan in this climate?
• Are lenders excluding specific job sectors in assessing loan applications?
• What special deals are lenders offering?
• How can property buyers alleviate risk in the current climate?
• Is it a good idea to take the mortgage holiday offered by some lenders?
• If I take a mortgage holiday, will it affect my credit rating?
• And a whole lot more.


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