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How To Deal With YOUR Situation Amid Corona

Has the virus created a crisis, a nuisance, a boom or an opportunity? The answer depends on your personal situation. How you should respond depends on whether you are a home buyer, an investor, a tenant or a landlord – and whether your usual income remains intact. Some business sectors are thriving, while others have been shut down, with thousands of jobs lost. In the middle are businesses and individuals trying to get by on reduced incomes. Everyone is struggling with the virus reality. Real estate consumers have urgent questions. In this free webinar hosted by Terry Ryder of Hotspotting, award-winning buyers’ agent and author Miriam Sandkuhler of Property Mavens will suggest a way forward, discussing multiple scenarios against the background of a comprehensive market update.

Which of these scenarios fits your situation and what should you do? • Are you a landlord with a job? • Are you a landlord without a job? • Are you a tenant with a job? • A tenant without a job? • An investor? • A home buyer?

Whatever your situation, be reassured that there are others dealing with the same or similar circumstances. Miriam Sandkuhler has years of experience at the coal-face of the residential property industry. Right now, she’s busier than ever, representing the interests of real estate consumers.


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