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How To Make $120,000 In A Downturn Year (Capital Gains If You Followed Our Best Buys Advice)

If you bought a property for $450,000 a year ago and, despite media rhetoric about prices falling everywhere, it was worth $570,000 today, you would be happy, right?
If you made $120,000 in capital gains on a $450,000 outlay, amid the so-called national market downturn of the past 12 months, you would feel satisfied with your decision-making.
They’re all multi-millionaires – high-flying corporate executives, academics or economists with massive incomes which separate them from the pain of mortgage payments.How about if you’d bought a property for $620,000 a year ago and it had grown to be worth $755,000 today, regardless of interest rate rises and constantly negative media?You would be happy with a capital gain of $135,000.That’s the power of the Best Buys report by Hotspotting.

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