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How To Make Your Property A Standout For Tenants

The investor survey conducted recently by found that the No.1 factor for investors was attracting better tenants and achieving better rentals.

But how do you achieve that in a competitive market?

Expert Mark Shorrock of Bluestone Property Management & Sales says making basic improvements to your property can make all the difference.

He says: “If you take steps to better present your property, it definitely makes a difference. It makes it more tenantable, it reduces vacancy periods, it helps to get a better tenant and it helps to achieve a higher rent – and the tenant is more likely to stay for a longer period if it’s a well-maintained property.”

Hotspotting founder Terry Ryder hosted this special webinar  on Wednesday 21 October to discuss how investors can achieve an edge in the rental market.

He was  joined by Mark Shorrock of Bluestone Property Management & Sales, who will provide a series of tips on how investors can make their property stand out from the crowd.


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