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Is Your Manager Protecting Your Rent Amid Corona?

Investors who try to self-manage their properties represent an extreme example of false economy.
No sensible investor would attempt to maintain an investment property without appointing a professional property manager.
And right now, more than ever before, having a skilled manager on the team is crucial.
The upheaval caused by the covid-19 impact has turned the relationship between landlords and tenants upside down.
State governments have been changing laws on the run, often without thinking through the consequences.
Not only are the rules changing overnight, but every state and territory has its own unique set of laws. If you’re an investor with properties in different areas of the nation, how can you stay abreast of everything you need to know?
The consequences of getting it wrong can be severe. Some investors have acted in haste, without accessing professional advice, and have made their situations worse.

The things investors need to keep up with include these:
• Have the rules changed recently in the area where you own property (the answer, almost certainly, is yes)?
• Are your tenants in trouble and, if so, how best to handle the situation?
• What are your rights if your tenants are impacted by the virus crisis and can’t pay the rent?
• How can you be proactive in engaging with tenants to head off problems before they occur?

As an investor, you can’t afford wrong answers to these and other key questions.
That’s why this webinar, featuring Mark Shorrock of Bluestone Property Management and Sales, is a must for anyone who owns an investment property.


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