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FREE Webinar – Life Appreciation and Property Depreciation

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Life Appreciation and Property Depreciation

Wednesday 4th July 2023

12.30pm QLD, NSW, ACT VIC, TAS;  12 noon SA, NT;  10.30am WA


What does depreciation of Australian real estate assets have in common with living a dream lifestyle in Bali?

The answer is Tyron Hyde, who runs Australia’s leading quantity surveying firm Washington Brown from a bamboo eco school on the iconic Indonesian island.

As the nation’s foremost expert on how investors can use depreciation laws to dramatically improve their investment returns, Tyron Hyde has valuable information for property investors hoping to grow their wealth and perhaps retire early.

Hyde is the embodiment of that concept of living your best life while achieving financial success.

At our 4 July webinar Hyde will speak about ….

1. How he runs a successful Australian quantity surveying company from a jungle in Bali
2. How he changed his business model to work from home, long before Covid made it necessary and then trendy
3. How his business revolutionised its approach to providing depreciation services to property investors, which both saves them money and makes them money
4. How he built a successful and profitable business that doesn’t need him to be there

Join Hotspotting founder Terry Ryder and Washington Brown managing director Tyron Hyde at lunchtime on Tuesday 4 July for a not-to-be-missed free webinar event, which promises to provide both entertainment and priceless information.



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