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Hotspotting Memberships

Empowering Investors and Real Estate Professionals with exclusive insights from Australia’s #1 Independent Real Estate Analysts

Unlock the Power of a Hotspotting Membership

Are you ready to elevate your approach to property investment? Whether you’re an investor who is just starting out or you’re an experienced investor with a diverse portfolio, Hotspotting Memberships are designed to provide you with unparalleled insights and tools for success.

Our memberships cater to:

  • Aspiring and Experienced Investors: Whether you’re buying your first property or expanding your portfolio, our resources are tailored to help you make informed, strategic decisions.
  • Real Estate Professionals: As a real estate agent, mortgage broker, or buyer’s agent, leverage our data to offer unparalleled value and guidance to your clients.
  • Financial Planners and Advisors: Enhance your advisory services with expert insights into the property market, helping clients maximise their investment potential.

At Hotspotting, we combine over 60 years of independent, unbiased real estate analysis to help you identify the best investment opportunities across Australia.

“I’ve been a premium Hotspotting member over the last few years because I want to keep my finger on the pulse of what’s really happening in the various Australian property markets. The information in the reports is logical, down to earth and is also a valuable resource to my business. Likewise, I have referenced Terry’s reports when making decisions for each purchase in my personal property portfolio.”

Kate Hill QPIA / Founder of Adviseable Property Buyer & Development – Premium Member

“I continue to buy properties based on Terry’s recommendations and last year bought five more, all in locations recommended in the Hotspotting reports. They’re all cash-flow positive and appreciating nicely.”

Guy Williams– Premium Member

“As a property developer (50+ completed projects) and property manager (26 properties), access to regular, correct and compelling information is GOLD. Hotspotting Premium Membership offers great value.”

Don McKenzie – Premium Member

“Since integrating Hotspotting into Property Avenue, it has become a cornerstone of our business operations. The comprehensive data and incisive analysis provided have significantly enhanced our investment strategies and metrics, enabling us to make highly informed decisions for our clients.

Tim Graham has been exceptionally supportive, offering valuable advice that has deepened our understanding of the property market. His expertise in sales and sales training, coupled with his impressive financial acumen, has been a significant asset to our team.

Additionally, the quality of Hotspotting’s reports are outstanding, providing detailed and actionable insights that form an integral part of our analysis. Tim’s leadership and guidance have been instrumental in our ongoing success, and we look forward to many more productive collaborations.

Thank you, Tim, for your unwavering support and for helping us excel in our field.”

Jaka Indra – Property Avenue – Enterprise Member

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