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More Units The Solution

More Units The Solution

Encouraging developers to deliver more units in regional areas could help regional towns cope with growing populations, the Mater Builders Association has told a national housing summit.

MBA chief executive, Denita Wawn, told the national regional housing summit in Canberra that not everyone moving to the country is looking for a house with a large block of land.

The summit was hosted by the Regional Australia Institute (RAI) which says there is an increasing demand for workers in regional areas but there is not the accommodation to house them.

Its analysis shows median values are now more than $605,000 in the regions and vacancy rates are 1.2%.

The RAI called for the Federal Government to apportion 40% of Housing Australia Future Fund (HAFF) funding to regional areas.

It wants the fund to aim to build 450,000 of the homes of its 1.2 million target in regional Australia.

Anglicare executive director Kasy Chambers says regional housing is no longer more affordable than the cities.


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