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More Women in Construction

More Women in Construction

The number of women working in the construction industry is on the rise according to analysis by the HIA.

HIA Senior Executive Director, of Compliance and Workplace Relations, Melissa Adler says while figures are still lower than they would like to be, it is rising steadily.

“Currently, women make up approximately 15% of the construction industry, but these figures do not tell the whole story, with the focus too often only on onsite trades,” she says.

“The construction industry is filled with a wide range of opportunities for women and we are already seeing a larger percentage of women taking on roles in construction and thriving.”

Adler says the industry is now training more female workers than ever before.

“There are nearly 6,000 female apprentices and trainees undertaking training in the construction industry which is more than double the number in training from 2019,” she says.

“For its part HIA has a strong network of women who work within the construction industry, offering opportunities for professional connections through HIA’s Building Women program nationally, and offering training and apprentice programs with wrap-around mentoring to support young women entering the industry.”


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