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Regional Cities And Towns Out-Perform The Big Cities

The strongest trend to impact Australian real estate in the 21st Century is currently sweeping the nation.

The Exodus to Affordable Lifestyle is creating growth is regional cities and towns which is out-performing the big cities.

The fringe areas of major cities, regional cities, hill change towns and sea change enclaves are all beneficiaries of this compelling trend.

While property prices have been muted in the two biggest cities, smaller cities and regional locations are experiencing strong demand and price uplift.

Ultra-low vacancy rates are another element of the strength of these markets, putting upward pressure on rents and creating higher yields.

The Exodus trend has been driven by technology and improved transport links, as more and more people realise the possibilities of working remotely – and thereby being able to escape the big, expensive, congested cities.

It was a rising tide before the pandemic, with increasing numbers of Australians realising the possibilities of working from home.

The Covid-19 lockdowns have enhanced a trend that was already under way, turning a steady drift into a stampede, by opening the eyes of more Australians to the potential.

The pandemic has supercharged an established trend, making it the driving force of markets across Australia.

The trend was first visible in Regional Victoria with people retreating to hill change towns within 1-2 hours of Melbourne. Locations close to Sydney were also feeling it.

Then the impetus rippled further out to regional centres more distant from the capital cities. It has reached as far north as Darwin, where Melbourne residents and others have headed for the relative safety and affordability of the northern capital (plus the warmer climate).

Before the pandemic, Queensland was already on the relocation wish-lists of many interstate buyers. Now, with many people now working remotely, there is a growing herd migrating north.

At Hotspotting we have been strongly advocating good regional centres for investment for the past three years.

And in October 2020 we published the first edition of our National Top 10 Exodus to Affordable Lifestyle report. It quickly became one of our most popular products.

exodus to affrodabilityAnd this week we published our new 2021 edition of the report.

It outlines our Top 10 picks of locations expected to rise on the back of this trend.

And, because there are so many places with potential for strong growth, we include a B List of 10 locations which missed the cut for the Top 10.

So get yourself a copy of the new 2021 edition of the Exodus to Affordable Lifestyle report – and have a read of it today.


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