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Regional NSW Benefits From The Exodus To Affordable Lifestyle

The trend I call the Exodus to Affordable Lifestyle is the strongest impacting real estate right across Australia – and many parts of Regional NSW are well situated to benefit from it.

Regional centres in NSW are also well-placed to thrive from other core factors that are impacting real estate markets:

  • first-home buyers are the most active cohort in the market,
  • locations with the pandemic well under control are doing well with their local economies and real estate markets, and
  • locations with low vacancies are seeing upward pressure on rents and sales prices.

Many locations across Regional NSW entered the virus shutdown period with rising property markets – and the best of them are well set-up to perform well in the recovery phase.

As we entered the pandemic, Regional NSW market had its strongest market in many years. And it has continued to deliver resilient local economies and property markets where prices have remained firm or have increased during the pandemic period.

The best of these regional markets are receiving increasing impetus from Sydney residents relocating to country centres. Technology is allowing more and more people to work remotely, removing the requirement to be located in the expensive capital cities.

This trend was well under way before the pandemic but the lockdown phase, which forced many people to work from home, has opened their eyes to the possibilities of a new paradigm.

Many locations in Regional NSW are largely unaffected by the pandemic and have economies well-structured to do well despite the broader economic climate.

And I highlight the best of these regional centres in my new edition of Top 5 NSW Regional Hotspots.

The report provides a range of options for investors to buy affordably in areas which offer good rental yields, backed by low vacancies, and which have continued to deliver price growth through the pandemic period.

So get yourself a copy and find out the best places in NSW to benefit from the strongest trends currently happening in Australian real estate.

Top 5 NSW Regional Hotspots


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