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Regional Queensland A Leading Boom Market

Regional Queensland right now is one of the nation’s leading boom markets.

It has more locations with rising sales activity than any other market jurisdiction in the nation, including all the capital cities.

There are growth markets up and down the Queensland coast, from the Gold Coast in the south to Cairns in the north, and heading inland to important regional cities like Toowoomba

Perhaps the standout feature is the uptick in activity and prices in the past three or four months.

Three months ago, when I did our quarterly survey of sales activity, I found 72 locations in Regional Queensland with upwardly mobile markets.

With our new survey just completed, I found 157 growth markets.

In other words, the already-high number of rising markets has doubled in three months.

This is a stunning outcome – and it means that, in a nation that’s having a nationwide property boom, Regional Queensland is the leader of this dramatic event.

At the same time, eight out of ten locations have recorded growth in their median prices in the past 12 months – many of them with double-digit price growth.

There are multiple reasons why this is happening – but a key catalyst is the reality that Queensland is a natural beneficiary of the Exodus to Affordable Lifestyle trend which is sweeping the nation.

All this has made it a difficult task to select the locations to include in our new 2021 edition of Top 5 Regional Queensland Hotspots report which we’re publishing this week.

It’s very much a question of what to leave out.

And it means that the locations that are included are markets well worthy of your interest and attention.

So get a copy of the new 2021 edition of Top 5 Regional Queensland Hotspots report and discover some of the places I expect to be at the forefront of the Australian property boom.


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