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Renters On Struggle Street

Renters On Struggle Street

Renters in every capital city are worse off than they were before the pandemic, according to the latest, Rental Affordability Index.

Any thoughts of escaping the rental crisis by moving to the regions has been quashed as well, with the figures showing regional areas are also now unaffordable for many.

The report, shows Sydney is still the least affordable capital city to rent in with a 13% decline in affordability, followed by Melbourne and Perth which were both down by 10%.

Queensland has the least affordable regional areas for renting.

The report by SCG Economics, compares incomes with median rents to determine affordability.

Author, Ellen White, says rental affordability is now a national problem.

"In the past it was primarily an issue that was urgent in the big cities, but we now see that in all the regional areas,” she says.

The move away from capital cities during Covid has exacerbated the problem according to White.


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