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Return Of International Students

Australia’s international borders may have reopened, but it could still be some time before the number of international students returns to normal levels in Australia.

After an almost two-year absence 29,856 international students returned to Australia in the first six weeks after borders reopened in December.

While those numbers may appear high, that influx still leaves Australia about 300,000 short on pre-pandemic numbers.

There are about 147,000 student visa holders who have still not travelled to Australia.

The slow return of international students is not just a concern for education facilities, but also affects the workforce and property market.

A lack of international students in the past two years had a significant effect on inner city rental property markets, resulting in high levels of vacancy.

International students also account for a large percentage of workers in the hospitality and personal care industries which are struggling to find staff.

In an effort to encourage more students to travel to Australia the Federal Government is offering temporary visa refunds and an easing of the restrictions on working.

The majority of students who returned in the first six weeks are from India and Nepal, accounting for more than half of the first influx.


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