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Should I Be Worried About The Cliff?

Economists, egged on by news media, have invented a new doomsday scenario to stress about: the one they call The September Cliff.

The theory suggests that Federal Government support measures like JobKeeper and JobSeeker will end abruptly at the end of September.

It also speculates that banks will withdraw their support of borrowers who are struggling in the pandemic with their mortgage payments. And, as a consequence, everything will collapse after 30 September. Including property prices.

Should we be worried? Or have the economists got it wrong yet again?

In this free webinar Hotspotting founder Terry Ryder discussed this attention-grabbing topic with multi award-winning buyer and vendors advocate Miriam Sandkuhler of Property Mavens. Sandkuhler, who is also author of the best-selling book Property Prosperity, will unpick the various issues and explain what is really likely to happen in the latter part of 2020.


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