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The Fiscal Cliff Is a Lie – Podcast with Goose McGrath

I recently was a guest on The Investor Lab podcast with Goose McGrath.

How many times have you put off making an investment decision, because there is “something just ahead”?

Or said to yourself “If I just wait ‘til after (insert made up excuse here), then it will be the PERFECT time to invest…”

Only to find yourself a month, 6 months, or even years down the line having never taken action.

Did you find yourself worrying about the property market during Q2 of 2020?

Perhaps right now, you’re still waiting until things get better before investing again…

But what if I told you that despite predictions and claims by property pundits, the Australian property market remains strong?

You see, the “fiscal cliff” is indeed a lie.

Today’s episode features Terry Ryder, property expert and Australia’s leading real estate researcher.

We’ll be talking about the gross inaction of some property investors…

What actually happened in the last quarter…

Vacancy rate differences between this year and the last…

And heaps more!

We’ll also touch on dominant trends to look out for when making real estate investment decisions.

In this episode, we cover:

  1. Investors think that by doing nothing, they are doing the right thing
  2. The ‘pandemic’ of gross inaction
  3. What happened during the last quarter?
  4. Property prices in the 90s recession
  5. Australia is the only country that didn’t go into recession during a pandemic
  6. What is the September cliff?
  7. Predictions are based on the assumption that everything stays the same
  8. Risks in the property market
  9. This is the time for an opportunity
  10. There’s not much change in the vacancy rates since last year
  11. Rents are up, vacancy rates are down
  12. Look out for the dominant trends in the property market
  13. The beauty of geographic arbitrage
  14. Other drivers in the property market
  15. Property market boom in Brisbane
  16. Seize the opportunity


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