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The Right Places To Buy Now in Sydney

[fusion_youtube id=”uMYcb57077s” alignment=”right” width=”450″ height=”” autoplay=”false” api_params=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=”” css_id=””][/fusion_youtube]Sydney is a very big city. There are over 700 suburbs in the Greater Sydney Area.

Some, right now, are places to avoid, because of the impacts of Covid-19. But others are thriving.

Because of their specific local qualities, they are great places to buy – right now. And we have just published our new FY2021 edition of the Top 5 Sydney Hotspots report to highlight where those places are and why we rate them highly in the current climate. Here’s an example. One of the best ways to gauge how well or how badly a market is handling the pandemic period is to look at vacancy rates. Vacancies have soared in some locations, such as the Sydney CBD, which they now top 15%. But in the Sutherland LGA in Sydney’s south, vacancy rates were low before the pandemic struck and they remain low. Most of the postcodes in The Shire, as it’s generally known, are well below 2%. This location is attracting good demand amid the pandemic because it offers a wonderful lifestyle based on proximity to water and to national parks, at a much lower price than the prestige markets on the North Shore or in Sydney’s inner west. The recent shutdown period has opened the eyes of many people to the possibilities of working from home. And the suburbs of The Shire are poised to attract increased demand from buyers because of this factor. If offers an enviable lifestyle at attractive prices – and still only about 45 minutes from the Sydney CBD. For all these reasons, the Sutherland LGA features prominently in our new edition of the Top 5 Sydney Hotspots report.

To learn more, and to discover the other locations we like in the current climate, get yourself a copy of the new FY2021 edition of Top 5 Sydney Hotspots.

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