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The Ryder Report – June 2020 edition

Right now, real estate consumers of all kinds are desperate for information they can believe about what’s really going on in markets around Australia.

Getting access to reliable information about real estate is particularly difficult right now. On the one hand, we have mainstream media going overboard in their desire to identify and exaggerate any negatives they can find amongst the data … …. And, on the other hand, we have some sections of the real estate industry doing their best to talk up the market. The truth often lies somewhere in the middle between those two extremes. And that’s the ground I seek to occupy when I write each edition of my bi-monthly publication, The Ryder Report.

The new June edition which we have just published seeks to make sense of everything that happening amid the crazy times that currently exists. The report has an analysis on every state and territory and their capital cities, setting out my take on what’s really going on in those markets. My editorial feature makes the point that, contrary to the typical stance of most media and many economists, we don’t have just one market in Australia.

We have many different markets across the country – and I make the important point that, while vacancies are rising and rents falling in some places, particularly the inner-city areas of the biggest cities, there are other markets where demand for rentals is actually rising – and rents are increasing as a result. I analyse the very latest information on prices, looking at what has happened with property prices in the 15 different market jurisdictions across Australia throughout the past three months. I also highlight some of the specific locations that I think should be of interest to property investors … … I write about the efforts of some commentators to create doomsday scenarios for property prices … … I provide some pointers on how to identify the locations likely to emerge from the shutdown period the strongest … … and a whole lot more.

So please take the time to read the June edition of The Ryder Report. It’s the best way to be truly informed about what’s really doing on in residential real estate around Australia.

The ryder report june 20


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