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The Truth About Property Investing In Australia in 2022 with Terry Ryder

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This month Terry was a guest on The Investor Lab podcast show.

In these times when we can easily get bombarded with true and false information about property investment, who can we really listen to?

Terry Ryder, Australia’s leading independent real estate property researcher, joins us as we go through everything you need to know about the real estate situation in Australia this year.

What’s the current state of the property market?

Do interest rates affect the property value?

Where’s the most ideal spot to buy a property?

Is the property market going to crash?

We also talk about the accuracy of real estate news and content, how to steer clear of wrong information, and lots more!

In this episode, we cover:

  1. The credibility of content about property investments
  2. What the property market looks like in Australia this 2022
    • 1. How the property market is in a renormalising state
    • 2. A Common misconception when giving value to property
  3. The four-step process to avoid misinformation
  4. How interest rates affect property value
  5. Why investors shouldn’t give too much importance to real estate data
  6. The best place to buy property in 2022
  7. Reasons why you should think of investing in properties outside of big cities
  8. Why good rental yields matter
  9. Finding windows of opportunity in dire situations
  10. The chances of property markets in Australia crashing


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