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Turning Assets into Retirement Income

Turning Assets into Retirement Income

We are delighted to present Sam Wakefield of Optalife as a guest speaker in our recent webinar, “Turning Assets into Retirement Income”.

In this comprehensive 45-minute session, Sam offered actionable advice on goal-setting, steps to understanding your current financial position, strategies for building wealth and paying down debt, and designing a financial plan that will ensure you live your optimal life.

Topics included:

  • Superannuation contributions – benefits and considerations
  • Strategies for a growing family
  • Home upgrading
  • How to make the most of your savings for retirement
  • What financial options can you use to fund your retirement
  • How to turn your assets into an income in retirement
  • Investment exit strategies
  • and much more

We invite you to watch this informative webinar discussing key tactics to create wealth for an optimal life. Our speakers, Sam Wakefield, Founder & Financial Advisor of Optalife and Hotspotting General Manager Tim Graham, will expertly guide us through the fundamental strategies available to Australians.


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