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Leap Day Special

Leap Day Special


Leap Day Special: 

How to take a Leap forward with the nation’s hottest markets

Special Bundle incorporating three key reports which saves you $223 

There are two standout factors for investors to be aware of when seeking capital growth in the current market.

One is that two of the smaller capital cities are the national leaders on price growth and the other is that apartment locations are among the best performers in the nation.

The Perth boom has been well-publicised and many investors are keen to be part of the growth that has been occurring in the WA capital.

In our latest report, we have broadened the scope to include some key regional WA locations which also provide good prospects for growth, as well as affordability and strong rental yields.

The market that has been challenging Perth for the title of national growth leader is Adelaide, which actually out-performed Perth on the increase in median house prices in 2023, according to some of the major research sources.

Adelaide continues to provide broad appeal for investors, as it remains one of the nation’s most affordable city markets, with ongoing strong prospects for price increases as this market is underpinned by Australia’s No.1 economy, according to the State of States report published by CommSec.

Adelaide also has the lowest vacancy rate in capital city Australia, alongside Perth, with significant growth in residential rentals as a consequence.

Our new edition of Top 5 Adelaide Hotspots highlights the areas in the SA capital that we believe have the credentials for ongoing increases in property values.

The big emerging new trend in Australian real estate is the rise and rise of well-located apartments as a target for more and more buyers across the nation.

Many of the key cohorts of buyers – including downsizers, first-time buyers, lifestyle buyers and investors seeking affordability and higher rental yields – are choosing to buy attached dwellings.

And we are seeing a rising number of instances where units are out-performing houses on capital growth. 

In locations right across Australia, there are numerous suburbs where the growth in the median price has been higher for units than for houses, both in the past 12 months and in the longer term.

Apartments are considerably cheaper than houses on land and usually offer significantly higher rental yields, so they are increasingly worthy of consideration by investors.

To help our customers tap into these key growth markets across Australia, we have created a special bundle of three reports – the Perth, Adelaide and national apartments reports – which can be accessed in one purchase at an attractively low price.

Buying this Leap Day Bundle can give you key information about the nation’s leading growth markets and save you over $200, compared to buying each of the reports separately.

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