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Location Reports Your Real Estate Game Changer!

Location Reports Your Real Estate Game Changer!

If you want to sell real estate, very often the greatest selling point is the location.

If the location has  …

  • a strong diverse economy creating jobs, 
  • a steadily growing population with strong increases projected well into the future,
  • good existing amenities and a significant spend on new infrastructure

… then it has many of the credentials for capital growth.

The problem for many real estate professionals – in taking advantage of growth factors like that in their location- is accessing all the key information, analysing it and then presenting it in a way that’s easily accessible to potential customers. 

Many people in the industry just don’t have the time or the resources to do all that.

That’s where Hotspotting’s unique custom reports service comes in. It saves you time and it projects your business as professional, informed and successful.

The Hotspotting team can create location reports on individual suburbs, clusters of suburbs, local government areas, towns and regional cities, and on major capital cities.

The reports are provided with the client’s branding and location details, as well as (if you choose) the Hotspotting brand to provide the assurance and credibility of an independent third-party research source.

This is a custom report service you cannot get anywhere else.

Our customers love it. One of them says …

“Hotspotting was a pleasure to deal with when arranging my Custom Report. As a buyer’s agent for many years, I was astounded by how much effort and research goes into their reports. Their communication was great and I am extremely happy with the final result.”

And another of our regular customers commented …

“The research provided by has been an integral part of our success and the growth of our business. The ability to access independent research reports on the locations we believe are best for our clients, with our branding, has made it easier to show our customers the merits of the places we think have the strongest growth credentials.”

We love to get feedback like that, because we regard our custom reports as one of our most important product services.

If you would to find out more our Hotspotting’s exclusive custom reports service, contact me on!


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