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The Pulse Report is Out Now!

The Pulse Report is Out Now!

If investors had followed our tips, three months ago, in a special report we call The Pulse, they could have achieved double-digit capital growth – in the latest quarter alone – and up to 30% in the past year.

The primary parameter of our national Top 50 list of locations in The Pulse is to identify good markets with high rental yields.

But our criteria also includes prospects for capital gains – and this report features locations which perform outstandingly well on price growth.

If you have an initial rental yield of 6% or 7% and your property’s value is growing 10% or 15% (or more) per year, you’re a happy investor.

Several of the locations on our Top 50 list have recorded capital growth above 10% in the latest quarter alone, headed by the Perth suburb of Orelia which increased 18% in three months.

All of the 50 locations on our Top 50 three months recorded capital growth over the latest quarter, except one – and most experienced median price growth above 5% in the quarter, including nine locations which rose more than 10% in three months.

In the case of Orelia, this means $70,000 in capital growth in just three months, while the Perth suburb of Hillman also rose $70,000. 

If you had bought a house at the median price in East Mackay, Queensland, your property’s value would have risen $50,000 in three months. 

A $490,000 purchase in the southern Brisbane suburb of Kingston three months ago would now be worth $535,000, up $45,000 in the latest quarter.

In annual growth terms, 11 of our suburbs have risen by more than 20% in the past year.

This report demonstrates that it is possible to achieve an investment property that ticks every box for the owner: high capital growth and above-average rental yields in affordable locations with ultra-low vacancies and rent rising more than 10% per year.

Among the most outstanding performers identified by this report are locations where property values have risen notably, but rental yields have increased because there has been an exceptional increase in rents.

One of the stand-out markets highlighted by this report is the Queensland town of Dalby, the key regional centre for the Western Downs region west of Brisbane. 

With vacancies near zero, rents have risen 24% in the past 12 months, with the median rental yield increasing from 6.6% to 7.2% in the past three months. Property values have also soared, with the median house price up 15% to $350,000.

That is the kind of performance that is possible if you get the quarterly editions of the special report we call The Pulse.


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