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Webinar Replay – 7 Lessons from $26BN

Webinar Replay – 7 Lessons from $26BN

Catch the replay of our latest webinar hosted by Tim Graham, General Manager of Hotspotting, featuring Tyron Hyde, the visionary founder of Washington Brown and a master of property depreciation.

Dive into the invaluable insights of “7 Lessons from the $26B Man,” a presentation inspired by the legendary real estate mogul Harry Triguboff.

In this compelling session, you’ll explore the powerful strategies that fuelled Harry Triguboff’s ascent to billionaire status, with a focus on the transformative impact of compounding in real estate investment.

Discover practical advice and nuanced strategies that every property investor should consider:

The Power of Compounding: Learn how small, consistent investments can grow over time and how to leverage this in the property market for significant returns.

The 1% Rule: Uncover minor adjustments you can make that yield substantial improvements in investment outcomes. Whether it’s negotiating a slightly better interest rate or enhancing property features to boost rental appeal, these small changes can dramatically increase your portfolio’s value.

Annual Reviews: Understand the importance of reviewing your home loan rate annually to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal. We’ll also discuss the benefits of cross-checking comparable rental prices to maximize your income.

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