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How To Multiply Your Wealth With Subdivision

Many Australians grow their wealth through passive investment in real estate: buy a property, install a tenant and wait for growth.

There’s a better, and faster, way – without high risk.

More and more investors are using development strategies to accelerate the wealth-creation process, with small subdivisions one of the most accessible and successful.

Wealth mentor Brad Cassidy of The Kaizen Way teaches these strategies to investors across Australia, with notable results.

Recently, our Hotspotting founder Terry Ryder hosted Brad on a webinar to discuss how to profit from small subdivisions.

The webinar demonstrates how to … ​

** undertake a subdivision as a “hands-off” investment

** find the right team of specialists to facilitate the process

** avoid common mistakes and pitfalls

** identify the costs involved, including council fees and charges

** understand the procedures with case studies of successful projects

** find opportunities for this type of investment, using an exclusive tool developed by Brad and his team

If you would like to find out more about how Brad can help you, please follow the link below and add your details so that you can take advantage of a huge bonus woth $3,995 for the first 5 people.

Plus a special price on his membership offering.

You can watch the replay of this webinar on youtube here:


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