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Webinar Replay – Why Melbourne Makes More Sense Than Perth

Want to get into a key market BEFORE prices start to take off?

Feel that you may have missed the boat with media favourite Perth? In many ways, the answers to these questions are the essence of smart investing.

Most property investors are herd animals, diving into markets when they read that prices have risen 15% or 20% in the past year – or 50% in the past three years.

Buying in such a market means you are likely buying at – or after – the peak of the market. The smart money would have been there 2-3 years ago – and is now focused on places that are early in the growth cycle. That’s why Melbourne makes more sense than Perth for property investors seeking to buy strategically for capital growth.

The Melbourne market, in simple terms, is situated where Perth was three years ago, before prices started to rise and rise. The Melbourne market is underpinned by one of the nation’s strongest state economies and boosted by population growth amongst the highest in the country. It hasn’t had the price growth of other cities in the past year but has had a big uplift in buyer activity recently – often a precursor to elevated prices. And vacancies are ultra-low, putting upward pressure on rents.

To find out more about why Melbourne and Regional Victoria should be strongly considered by property investors, join leading national buyers’ agent Kate Hill of Adviseable in this webinar recording hosted by Hotspotting founder Terry Ryder.

In this webinar, you will learn ….

**Why now is a good time to consider Melbourne and Regional Victoria

**Which metrics point to capital growth in Victorian markets

**Why recent rental reforms should not deter investors

**Which price points are attracting the greatest buyer demand

*Why attached dwellings need to be considered

*Which Melbourne suburbs and regional centres deserve the most attention

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