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Tune Out the Noise & Tune In to the Experts – w Miriam Sandkuhler

Legendary writer Rudyard Kipling suggested that “if you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs” you will succeed where others fail.
He wasn’t thinking of Australian real estate when he wrote those words but they apply aptly to the current situation in property markets.
Many real estate consumers are confused amid economic disruption, political meddling, negative media and inconsistent data about market performance.

It’s knocked people’s confidence and made them hesitant.

Multi award-winning buyers’ agent and best-selling author Miriam Sandkuhler says success belongs to those who can tune out the white noise and see the opportunities.

Those making good investment decisions amid the mayhem are usually those who have access to expert advice and quality research information.

Now more than ever, real estate consumers need genuine experts in their corner – people they can trust to provide quality advice based on real knowledge and hard-won experience.

Miriam Sandkuhler of Property Mavens recently joined Hotspotting founder Terry Ryder in a webinar to help you make sense of all that’s happening in real estate.

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