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WHAT’s UP, WHAT’s DOWN – Opportunities You may Be Missing

Media commentary leaves most property observers thoroughly confused about what is really happening at the ground level with Sydney real estate.  Have we got further to fall?  Is the market leveling out and how reliable are the current figures?

To provide cut-through about where the market is heading and unique opportunities in this market, Terry Ryder was joined by  Rich Harvey, CEO and Founder, who shared their insights and experience.

Some of the topics covered in this excellent webinar include:

  • Auction Clearance rates since start of 2019 – are they reliable?
  • Sydney’s median prices of units and houses – what are the overall trends?
  • Why are some median unit prices up while median house prices are down?
  • Are there any danger areas of oversupply in Sydney?
  • What suburbs are the most stable and recession-proof and why?
  • Are there any particular price points which are in higher demand?
  • Which suburbs offer strong long-term value right now?  ie where are the best opportunities?
  • Are demographics changing the types of properties most in demand and why?
  • How should investors and home buyers approach this market?
  • Should buyers sit out of the market and wait or is now a time to consider buying?

Gain a fresh perspective and real insights into Sydney’s current market dynamics so you are confident with your property decisions. 


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