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Where to Buy to Recover Your Deposit in 2 years

Australia continues to produce growth markets, where prices have delivered double-digit annual growth in the past two years, in contrast to Sydney and Melbourne.

Growth of this kind means investors can achieve capital gains equivalent to the deposit they paid, within the first 1-2 years.

In this no-to-be-missed webinar, Julian Fadini of PRPTY360 joined Hotspotting founder Terry Ryder to discuss the markets that have delivered big gains for investors in the past two years.

They identified the key qualities to look for in finding markets that will produce that kind of out-performance in the future.

Renowned investment expert Fadini discussed key tips for investors, including …
• how to use property investment to reduce your income tax,
• how to understand the true costs of holding an investment property, and
• how to pinpoint the right locations for growth by understanding what drives markets and prices.


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