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Where To Find Opportunities As The Tide Turns

Real estate data is increasingly positive, as markets adapt to the new environment of higher interest rates, against a background of an under-supply of properties.

Auction clearance rates are improving and price data is recording growth in a rising number of major markets across Australia.

A key factor is the shortage of properties listed for sale, as well as the serious shortage of homes available for rental.

This is putting upward pressure on property prices, regardless of the reality of higher interest rates.

And, as the tide turns more positive, investors are seeking the best locations for opportunities to buy well for capital growth and superior rental returns.

On Wednesday 12 April, leading buyers’ agent Alex Dutt of Adviseable  joined Hotspotting founder Terry Ryder to discuss where to find the best investment opportunities in the emerging new environment.

They discussed a range of themes, including:-

• Shortage is the key word for investors, as it suggests prices and rents will rise in many locations
• Where are the migrants heading, as the Federal Government lifts the intake of overseas migrant to Australia
• Which locations have the greatest shortages of stock for sale
• Why the pursuit of affordability is a core driver of demand


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