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Why Everyone Wants A Piece Of Brisbane

Everyone, it seems, wants to own a piece of Brisbane.

Media attention following confirmation of the 2032 Olympics has put increased focus on the potential of the Brisbane property market.

There’s an expectation that the lead-up to this global event will direct a positive spotlight on the Queensland capital and generate a property boom.

The reality is that Brisbane was already a rising market before the IOC made its announcement in July.

  • People are migrating to Brisbane from other parts of the nation, attracted by its lifestyle, its affordability and its track record in keeping the pandemic at bay.
  • The infrastructure spend is elevated, creating big economic activity and jobs, which is bringing in new residents.
  • The latest survey from PIPA indicates Brisbane is the No.1 choice for Australian property investors planning their next move
  • The fact that Brisbane property values are half those in Sydney makes its property attractive to big city buyers.
  • Its vacancy rate is much lower than Sydney’s or Melbourne’s and rents are rising. So it’s a very good time to be a landlord in Brisbane.

So Brisbane has big momentum in its property market.

Sales activity has exploded in the past 12 months and that is now leading to price growth.

The key issue for investors is: what to buy and where to buy it.

It’s a mistake to believe that, in this buoyant market, you can buy anywhere and get good growth.

Top 5 brisbane Hotspots

So the new edition of our Top 5 Brisbane Hotspots report is essential reading for anyone thinking of getting into the Brisbane market.

It outlines the particular locations we think are worthy of special attention, as Brisbane embarks on its 10-year property boom.


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