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All of a sudden, everyone wants to own a piece of Brisbane.

The recent survey conducted by PIPA shows that Brisbane dominates the locations that investors across Australia want to target.

There are four key reasons why Brisbane is blipping so loudly on the radar screens of investors:-

  1. The market is now rising strongly after a decade of only moderate growth
  2. Brisbane real estate is half the price of Sydney
  3. Queensland is seen as a safe haven
  4. The 2032 Olympics is a game changer

The feeling, strongly, is that Brisbane’s time to shine has arrived.

Population data hugely favours Brisbane and South East Queensland, it is a major recipient of the Exodus to Affordable Lifestyle trend, it offers affordability as well as lifestyle, a major infrastructure spend is rejuvenating the economy and the city scores big points for its control of the coronavirus.

Its success in keeping Covid-19 at bay has meant that Brisbane and Queensland has been hosting the four-nation Rugby Championship matches and the major finals of the NRL. That, and the favourable climate, only adds to the attention Brisbane is receiving.

So what does all this mean for real estate?  And which locations should real estate consumers be targeting?

To answer these and other questions, Hotspotting founder Terry Ryder presented a special webinar event on Wednesday 13 October.

He discussed why Brisbane is fast becoming THE place where Australians want to own real estate.


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