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Why Investors Should Follow The Infrastructure Trail

One simple formula for success in property investment is to follow the infrastructure trail.

Or, put another way, buy real estate that lies in the path of progress.

Few things impact on real estate markets as dramatically as major new infrastructure spending.

Construction of a new motorway, or rail line, or hospital, or university, generates economic activity and creates jobs, from which emerges demand for real estate.

These kinds of amenities also greatly improve the appeal of the locations that benefit, in the eyes of buyers.

So real estate is boosted in multiple ways when major infrastructure projects happen.

This factor is more relevant to property consumers than ever before, because Australia is entering a period of intense concentration on the creation of major new infrastructure.

Federal and state political leaders intend to generate an infrastructure-led economic recovery in Australia. This will turbocharge the residential property boom which is already under way across the nation.

Government plans to fast-track shovel-ready projects will enhance the established trend of rising markets in many parts of Australia.

Infrastructure Top 10This makes our National Top 10 report based on the locations poised to benefit the most from big spending on new infrastructure particularly timely.

Buying real estate in these locations provides an additional level of confidence that the property you buy will grow in value over time.

So get yourself a copy of our “Infrastructure-led Economic Recovery: National Top 10” report today.


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