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Will 2024 be a bigger year than 2023? – Terry Ryder with Arjun Paliwell

Australia’s #1 Buyers Advocate InvestorKit’s analysis of the fundamentals says Yes!

The best forecasters of real estate trends are the specialists dedicated to researching markets daily.

They’re not bank economists and media commentators who occasionally turn their attention to the housing market.

They’re the full-time dedicated professionals who have picked apart property dynamics to understand the trends and why some locations perform better than others.

They’re people like Arjun Paliwal, director and head of research at InvestorKit.

Bank economists believe one dominant factor dictates property markets: interest rates. And that’s why they always get their forecasts wrong.

The researchers at InvestorKit have a far deeper understanding of real estate: they have developed their own unique methodology based on 25 core fundamentals. And they have a pressure-based market scoring system to identify which markets will outperform. That’s why their forecasting record puts the big banks in the shade.

Hotspotting founder Terry Ryder speaks to Arjun Paliwal of InvestorKit in this recent webinar. This is priceless information you won’t get anywhere else.


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