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Will The Election Change Anything? – Why Smart Investors Are Getting On With Business

People love an excuse to delay big decisions – and a Federal Election is the perfect rationale for procrastination. The uncertainty created by a possible change of government can be a killer of real estate activity.

But it’s business as usual for well-researched investors with clear thought processes. They know that the fundamentals of real estate investment won’t change and that whatever alterations to the taxation regime occur in the future, there will remain many avenues for strong investment in real estate across Australia.

In our special 30 April webinar, leading buyers’ agent Kate Hill of Adviseable and Hotspotting founder Terry Ryder will discuss the possibilities and opportunities likely to arise from the post-Election environment, including:-

  • What will change
  • What won’t change
  • Why investors need not fear a change of government
  • Where the post-Election opportunities will lie


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