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Women Bigger Property Owners

Women Bigger Property Owners

Women own more property than men, according to CoreLogic’s latest Women and Property report.

It found 68.2% of women own at least one residential property, either as an investment or home, compared to 67.4% of men.

It also found that women generally placed higher importance on property ownership than men.

While the overall figure was good news for women, the report did find that Generation Z (aged 18-29) women were still well behind men when it comes to property ownership.

Only 27.3% of Generation Z women own property compared to 51.6% of men in the same age group.

When it comes to owning investment properties a higher percentage are owned by men with 14.1% of men owning at least one investment property compared to 12.5% of women.

The report says home ownership can become an important source of wealth and security later in life with RBA figures showing property represents 56.7% of household wealth in Australia.

The majority (61.4%) of women who do not own a property yet say it is because they do not have the finances to save for a deposit and pay the upfront costs, while the majority of men (44.3%) say it is because they are not ready to buy yet.


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